Say it like it is

By Younas Chaudhary

To me, a straightforward person is a good person as he or she will give us productive, happy, and positive energy. A straight shooter will cut to the chase and tell you the facts, instead of being wishy washy and will not go around in circles. A person who is direct tells the truth and does not embellish.  

Younas Chaudhary

A straight talker gains respect and trust with their business associates, customers, and lenders. For instance, if your business is not doing well, it is prudent to be upfront to your vendors and customers to explain your situation, rather than give excuses and  break promises.

Sometimes there are disadvantages to being a straight shooter. For example, a friend of mine’s son is doing quite well in the real estate business. He asked me if he could learn more about investing in the oil and gas industry. I told him bluntly that it was not his cup of tea. I further advised him to stay focused in his area of expertise as he is doing quite well at it. However, my straight talk rubbed him the wrong way, and he stopped talking to me.

We are taught at an early age to be tactful and diplomatic in our actions and responses. Though, I feel we do more damage by sugarcoating our feelings and the truth when we deal with others.

People who know me closely say that I am sometimes abrupt and unfriendly in my responses. I do not give people false hope or leave them confused. Sometimes my matter-of-fact responses have left people thinking that I was rude or unfriendly.

I like being a straight shooter. Beating around the bush is a waste of time and has a  whiff of dishonesty. It is like when slick salespeople exploit innocent shoppers by giving them false hope with flattery and incorrect information to entice them to buy their products or services. I feel that such tricks only  work in the short-term.

If you are straightforward you will quickly gain credibility among your peers and in your field. Four decades ago, I never thought my dream of starting a business would flourish and I could leave a legacy for my next generation. One thing that has carried me forward is the simplicity of telling it like it is.

As a no-frills person, my day-to-day behavior has helped me reduce stress and anxiety. I tell the same story to Tom, Dick, or Harry so I do not have to worry about different versions when talking to one another. I wrote my book, an inspirational biography called From Dirt Roads to Black Gold, where I am genuine and upfront in every page. The book is a straightforward narrative of my life.

We all should state the facts without hurting other people. At the end of the day, we should try our best to be direct, honest, and straightforward, as our overall actions and behavior impact our family, community, city and ultimately our country. Blessings!


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