Do things with zeal and never give up

By Younas Chaudhary

My teenage years in Pakistan were hard, though I kept the zeal to move forward. After joining the prestigious Pakistan Military Academy, I had to leave after six months, and I was devastated. However, that sudden loss became a positive turning point in my life that gave me the zeal to succeed. I left Pakistan a year later in 1973 to immigrate to Canada.

Younas Chaudhary

Life in Canada in the 1970’s  was tough, even in those negative circumstances I kept my positive zeal. For example, each time I converted the Canadian dollar into Pakistani rupees and send it to my parents, I could not believe the massive amount I was making. My income increased over time and the steady increase made me more ambitious.

We all have the zeal to succeed though we seldom use it. We do not work consistently hard to improve our lives. Zeal requires passion, confidence, consistency, and hard work. You must wake up early and regularly reminding yourself especially during down times that you are not going to give up. You should have the determination to beat the odds to succeed.

God gives us abundant opportunities to succeed but unless we have the zeal to act timely and grab such opportunities to make them happen, life will stay stagnant. If you want to succeed, you need to find out the secret ingredients yourself. Keep in mind, none exist except there is no substitute for positive thinking, patience, consistency, and hard work.

Maintaining your zeal to win in the long term is not as easy as you think. I have felt like giving up multiple times through my life when faced with serious problems. Each time, I somehow scrambled and got up. For example, in the mid 1980’s after oil prices had fallen to $8 a barrel, a group of investors in Wichita, Kansas, took me to court blaming me for their losses in their oil wells investment. This hit me hard. I was afraid to go to the court in those days. However, I kept my zeal, stuck a deal with the lending bank where I took over all their loans in exchange for their stake. Oil prices went up a few months later and I made a substantial amount of money from that deal.

Whenever I am pushed against the wall, I perform the best. I have trained my mind to think: “Younas, you can do it. You are not going to give-up. You are going to succeed”. I feel, the zeal to push forward is in my blood. I accept failure as a test, but I will not back off from something I really want to do.

All along, I have recognized and realized one fundamental truth: do not do anything half-heartedly as it will not do you any good. Do everything in life with a passion, positive thinking, consistency, and zeal to never give up. Blessings!


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